Halloween Styling Tips on Dressing Up as Joker

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It’s almost Halloween! Everyone will definitely go spooky and creepy. Some will give you treats, and hugs and laughters. While some will scare the hell out of you. There are also people who are fond of dressing up and scaring neighbors ruining their favorite characters on a Halloween day.

Which one are you? Are you the later part? If you are, then today’s blog post is for you!

Halloween is the perfect time where a lot people ghouled up, party and spent a one night full of spookiness. Which makes sense, that you need to look your best being all spooky too. Either you wanted to play the dead Superman, or the old white lady, or the funny and Harley Quinn or else the Joker.

The Joker! That would be a perfect choice. If so then make sure you prepare the things you need to have when dressing up as a Joker, that includes ensuring a Joker t shirt.

Well, no worries if you still did not have any idea how to style and dress up as a Joker. Today’s blog post will help you with some of the styling tips we have in store! Check this out!

Dressing Up As Joker 

The Joker is known to be the number one infamous villain who’s batman’s number one enemy. Basically, he is the badass serial killer and is perfect fit for a perfect Halloween character.

So here are some of the styling tips fresh from our closet! 

1 Prosthetics and makeup. If you wanna look your best at being the joker then going on a heavy makeup will better save you and help you look your best. Basically, you can go over with a big red lipstick drown at the bottom of your face, from ear to ear long. Then put a black round circles underneath and even above your eyes covering your brows. You can then have a white foundation as your whole facial tone. You can then put black tint on your teeth or red-like blood color to perfect the serial killer or just killed someone look.

2 Make it real by laughing like the real Joker.  Well, Halloween is for creepy and spooky things, so skip the casual talking and opt to talking like the real Joker. Laugh by the minute, act like a killer clown that instead of making everybody happy, makes every scream.

3 Wear a suit and a tie in colors. You can still go there as Joker in black suit but it is best to come up with a green, red and blue and yellow combination. Or any combination as long as it is colorful. That is the perfect and ideal color a Joker would want to wear.

4 Bring a prop. Ofcourse! Bring props with you, either a toy gun, or perhaps, batman’s mask with blood! Ooooh— spooky!

5 You can also wear a Joker t shirt. You can still wear a Joker t shirt as an inner part of your suit. You can shop Joker t shirt at marvel stores either in your nearest local store or online.