hightop soccer cleats

How to maintain your hightop soccer cleats

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Buying soccer cleats is one thing and taking care of them is another. While you buy cleats just once in a long time, you have to take care of them for a life time. Afterall, they are your companions on the field, probably the only ones so snug with you. So what is the best way of taking care and maintaining your best hightop soccer cleats?

soccer cleats

1- Shower Technique

In order to get the leather to loosen and fit properly, you can use the shower techique. Giving teh shoes a shower under hot water. This helps to expand the leather and give your feet space to breathe and move.

2- Warm up

Wear your best high top soccer cleats for jogging and warm ups first rather than directly launching them on the sports ground. Warming up your shoes is the best way you can get them to get used to you just as you get used to them. In a short while, they will feel like a part of you.

3- Blister prevention

New cleats often tend to create blisters on the feet. Having blisters can greatly interfere with your playing so have some ointment with you at all times to reduce friction. Once the cleats are a well-fit, blisters will be a thing of the past.

4- Post game care

it is very important to dry your cleats after the game. Drying should not be done in sunlight as this can make the shoes crack eventually. Alternatively you can stuff the shoes with newspaper and keep it in an airy place to dry naturally. This will help keep your cleats soft and aired.

5- Polish them

In order to keep your darlings new and maintained, you need to keep them clean and polish them regularly. Dust off the shoes with brush to get rid of any and all dirt and dust. Then gently polish them with a good brand polish.

6- Leather foods

The best way to retain the vitality of your cleats is to feed them the best leather food you can afford. After giving your shoes a good polish apply some leather food to keep them soft and pretty.

If you follow the above steps, you soccer cleats will run with you for a long time. If you take care of them, they will definitely be worth the money you put into them. Summing it all up, warm up your shoes before use. Air dry them after use and stuff them with paper to remove the internal dampness. Brush them and polish them and give them a lasting touch with leather foods. These are simple steps to keep your cleats new for a long time.