Things That You Should Not Do Using Your Vacuum Cleaner

Things That You Should Not Do Using Your Vacuum Cleaner

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When you buy a brand new vacuum cleaner, there is an obvious excitement. It feels like cleaning every single spot and objects in your house using your brand new vacuum cleaner. But there are certain practices that can straightaway destroy and kill your vacuum cleaner. Here’s a list of things you should never do using your vacuum cleaner.

Don’t try to vacuum water

The very basic reason why the regular vacuum cleaners were made was to get rid of the dust particles that are otherwise hard to clean. Vacuum cleaners are not designed such that they can suck water. And if you still try to clean water using your vacuum cleaner, it can damage the vacuum cleaner or cause electrocution. If you want to use a vacuum cleaner sometimes to clean water as well, there are special kinds of vacuum cleaners for the purpose.


Don’t try to suck big and hard objects

As already mentioned, vacuum cleaners are meant to clean the particles that can’t be seen by the eyes- basically dust. People are curious to test the limits of a vacuum cleaner and often try to make their vacuum cleaners suck small stones and rocks. This can be a very bad idea. These stones and rocks or any hard object can cause damage to the internal parts of the vacuum cleaner or get stuck.

Using the vacuum cleaner without emptying the bag

There’s a limit to the amount of dust the bag of your vacuum cleaner can take. After the bag is filled, it has to be replaced and there’s no avoiding the fact. In case you keep using it despite the bag being completely filled with dust, you are worsening the performance of your vacuum cleaner. The vacuum cleaner gets overheated once the bag is filled already. Also the suction of your vacuum cleaner would significantly decrease because of the bag being overfilled. This is an indication that the bag needs to be replaced.

Throw it once it doesn’t suck the dust properly

After a long time of using the vacuum cleaner, a lot of people would throw it away if it stops sucking the dust efficiently. This is because of the common assumption that the vacuum cleaner is too old. Even if your vacuum cleaner is too old, there might be some other reasons why it doesn’t properly suck the dust. You should check the bag first if it is overfilled. If not, you should also check if there is any blockage.

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