Top 5 prom dresses 2018 trends you should follow

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Fashion trend changes every day and in order to look perfect on your prom, it is important that you select a trendy dress. There is a huge variety of prom dresses 2018 available in the market but the selection of the best one can be a little confusing. There are different styles and fabrics available and you have to pay attention to your body type as well. In order to make this process easy for you here we have the top 5 prom dresses 2018 that you should consider having this prom.

Metallic magic

Recently the trend of metallic shades is increasing. There are many individuals that are showing interest in the metallic shades because it looks perfect. You can have different metallic shades and the best part is that they look perfect with all skin types. You can have a ball gown prepared in your metallic fabric and it will give the perfect flare.

Open back

One of the most important prom dresses you should consider is the open back. Regardless of the dress that you are planning to wear having an open back will make all the guys look at you.

  • You can have a gown with open back
  • Knee length dress looks perfect
  • You can have a backless dress with the slit that goes to your tight

Soft Pastel

If you are planning to create a subtle look then you should go for the shades like pink in your dress. You can have the straight long dress. Get it embedded with stones or pearls to create the look. You can wear silver bangles as an accessory to complete your look. It will give you an elegant appearance.


The most trendy material used in the prom dresses 2018 is velvet. It gives a royalty look to the person wearing it. The biggest attraction of velvet is that all colors look perfect and it has a natural glow that will merge with your skin tone. It is perfect for the night events especially if you live in the area that has chilly nights.

Cutouts or straps

If you want to create an appealing look go for the dress that has straps and cutouts. The cutouts can be on the side of your waist or in the neckline. Make sure to keep the shade of the dress black or any light color so that you can look perfect in your dress.

Bottom line

Once you have selected the dress from the prom dresses 2018 that you are going to wear to the prom it is important that you visit the best designer. You have to assure that you will get reliable services from the designer because that is the only way your dress will fit you perfectly. It is important that your dress hugs your curves perfectly because that is the only way you will look good in the dress you are going to wear. Make sure that you enjoy your prom in the best way.